Hola Mundo! Seguro escuchaste algo de las Redes Neuronales Artificiales RNAs cuando se habla de la Inteligencia Artificial 🤖

En este blog, comentaré un poco sobre qué son las RNAs o ANNs (Artificial Neural Networks), como también un par de recomendaciones para aprender más sobre este tema.

La inspiración 🤩

El cuerpo humano…

El pasado agosto, organizamos y desarrollamos el primer Startup Weekend en la ciudad de Tupiza, Bolivia!

Un Startup Weekend, de Techstars, es un evento de 54 horas que permite convertir una idea en un posible negocio, desarrollando su modelo de negocio, un prototipo y preparando un pitch sobre el posible…

Hola Mundo! Buscando aprender sobre Machine Learning (Aprendizaje Automático)?
En los últimos meses he estado grabando un par de videos para mi canal de YouTube 🙈 revisando algunos recursos existentes en línea (la mayoría gratis) para aprender sobre Machine Learning.

Primero, qué es Machine Learning
…es el subcampo de las ciencias…

Hello world!
Updates: I am excited to be complementing my passions for tech and building community!
Although, I have been involved in tech communities since 2014, and formerly started leading and building communities since 2018, I am excited to share that these last months, I have been working as Developer…

This is indeed an amazing book! I have enjoyed reading every single page!

Many topics such as:

  • How Computer Graphics got its beginnings and evolution
  • How technology and art can co-exists
  • How it is like going from a research team to build a company
  • How PIXAR started (and where the…

Last June, I just turned 31! As you might know, during 2020, it was pretty hard to even go outside in June, when I turned 30, and I was dreaming with a bday time in one of my fav beach 🌞

While in Colombia 🇨🇴, I flew to the Caribbean…

Code Review is indeed a critical process during software development. Among different types of processes that can exist for doing software development and code reviewing, I’d like to highlight some, here.

This one (image below) might be very well known among many developers. …

In this episode at Code Inspector Talks, we are chatting with Gant Laborde to learn about his experience in software development, Java Script with TensorFlow and more!

2021 is the first year that Latinas in Tech hold a “startup competition”.
Among others +150 startups around the globe, founded (or co-founded) by latinas that signed up for this competition, Code Inspector was outstanding and got to be recognized as the winner of the first place 🙌


En este mundo de cuarentenas y pandemia por COVID-19, tenemos que reinventarnos a la nueva realidad tanto en la forma en que trabajamos como en la que estudiamos. En 2020, participé de dos presentaciones con mi alma matter la Universidad Católica Boliviana “San Pablo”, regional Cochabamba, conversando sobre esta “Nuestra…

Lesly Zerna

🤖 enthusiastic explorer (life lessons + tech + travels). Today Public Sector — Coordinator City.AI in LatAm — University Professor and Google Dev Expert ML

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