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In this episode at Code Inspector Talks, we are having Rodolfo Ferro as a guest with us to learn about his experience in software development and his advice on good coding practices.

Rodolfo, originally from Mexico, and currently working as a Machine Learning Engineer tells us about his background…

You’ve had a long week coding for your company’s new system! You are already done, and are you ready to deploy? or wait… what about some code review, just before that big step?

Code review is the action of checking/exploring someone’s code or having someone reviewing your code.
Code review is actually considered a good practice during the software development process and it is necessary for reducing technical debt in the near future.
Not only small dev teams should be doing code reviews, the reality is that large companies do it too, for example Google Google’s Engineering Practices documentation


Let’s start talking about “programming habits” 👩🏽‍💻, what are your top three? 😅
What were your habits when you started to code and what your habits are now? 🧐

Let me start with one… “I’ll fix it later” 🤪
I know sometimes we are tired about one issue or bug while coding and maybe with few ideas on how to fix it! Take a break, “fix it later” but not too late! not for other dev! not after production!

So, what about “code smell” and “programming habits”?

What makes a code smell?

  • Making pointless optimizations when “fixing” your code
  • Using…

No matter if you are a beginner at coding or an experimented developer, it is always good to remember the Good Practices for Coding! 👩🏽‍💻

Just remember that time when you had to go back to some piece of your very own code and didn’t remember exactly… what that “variable” was for! or when you don’t get, now, why you wrote so many functions related to the same operations!

Check out 10 “good practices” for coding, here:

  1. Learn multiple paradigm: Object oriented, imperative, etc. It takes time to assimilate all the concepts.
  2. Practice, practice, practice. Write code. Do small projects…

8 de Marzo un día de reflexión sobre las oportunidades que se le está dando a las mujeres en temas de educación, trabajo, emprendimiento, etc.
En MentorHER buscamos apoyarlas por medio de capacitaciones en temas de educación en tecnología, más específicamente desarrollo de productos digitales, escritura/lectura de artículos científicos, electrónica y ciencias de datos.

En marzo de 2021, se desarrollaron 4 talleres (cada sábado del mes) con diferentes temáticas.

Fue muy bueno tener muchas personas interesadas, y más de 150 personas inscritas en total por los 4 talleres.

A continuación, unos detalles gráficos de las personas interesadas por nuestros talleres…

Lately, it is being cool (and nice) to have a README.md in GitHub not only for each one of your projects in this repo and other contributions but also for your personal profile as developer 🤓 a sort of “read about me”.

In this post, I will share about how to set up in your very own README.md this cool brand new CODE INSPECTOR STATS info.

My GitHub profile with the Code Inspector Stats in my README.md

First, a short reminder about how to set up this README.md in 2 steps!

  • Step 1: Go to your Repositories (tab) and click New

Blog Post basado y traducido al español desde → https://medium.com/code-inspector-blog/technical-debt-a-software-epidemic-4811838d8e70

Desarrollar software se puede comparar a nuestra salud! “No la mantenemos y revisamos tan seguido como deberíamos”

El software sigue algunos patrones similares a los de nuestra salud 🙀 que generalmente no le hacemos un mantenimiento continuo hasta que… algo pasa! Nuestra salud se ve afectada por nuestra rutina diaria además de la alimentación, el ejercicio y el descanso. …

I became a Google Developer Expert GDE in Machine Learning in 2019.
Here, I’d like to share my journey, join me :)

Google Developers Experts is a community of passionate developers who love to share their knowledge with others.

There are over 150 women in the community. #WomenAreExperts is a series that features their stories and achievements, with an aim to inspire more women to follow their path.

Deciding for Engineering, Studying Abroad & becoming the 1st woman GDE from Bolivia

2007 in Washington, DC

I was born and raised in Sucre, Bolivia. While at high school, I was a bit confused and anxious about which major to pursue since I really liked everything. In my senior…

Hello world! It has been a long time since I wanted to review some of the books I’ve been happily reading :D
This time, I got the chance to review 2 of my fav books about AI 🤖 at my friends’ show BOOK MOVEMENT (in Spanish!).



This book is really cool in leading you to be amazed by how AI is progressing! Since that “sputnik” moment when AlphaGo defeated to one of the best Go players in the world 😱 AI (and mainly with Deep Learning techniques) has become more present in our daily life such as voice smart…


Back in June 2020, the program EMBRACING THE NEW NORMAL organized by the USA program alumni in Bolivia was launched.
Due to current situation in the whole world caused by the pandemia: covid-19, many jobs and education (in different) levels have “switch” to online.

We cannot really stop the world at any time that is why jobs are moving to be remote (being full online) as well as education from Universities to Primary School inclusive. This is making us realized the importance of (basic) knowledge related to the digital world such as how to use the computer…

Lesly Zerna

🤖 enthusiastic explorer (life lessons + tech + travels). Today Public Sector — Coordinator City.AI in LatAm — University Professor and Google Dev Expert ML

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