AI latin American summit at MIT Media Lab

It is January 2020 and people from government, entrepreneurs, academics, students… all from different countries in Latin America are meeting to talk, share experiences, learn and discuss topics about Artificial Intelligence.

How can Artificial Intelligence (AI) help to develop better opportunities for people in these countries? How should we motivate our entrepreneurs to start applying AI? How should our local governments work together about AI regulations? How should we start teaching Artificial Intelligence in our Universities or even better schools?

This was a 3-day event with discussion tables, keynote speakers and panels.

There were panels to discuss exclusively about these countries work related in AI (research, education, strategy) Peru, Chile, Colombia and Mexico. What they are doing so far is cool! focusing in “open data”, building an AI national strategy, and getting efforts to tech literacy.

Also, there was a panel with government people and another for industry people so to have both points of view and feedback.

In the government panel there were people from Bolivia, Panama, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Brazil. In this panel, moderated by MIT professor, discussed the topics related about “AI government regulation”, “AI impact in the government”, “steps to move into AI regulations”.
Panelist agreed that “education in tech literacy and AI” is key to start joining efforts to move to the future.

In the industry panel, main discussion was around AI talent, as well about industry+universities work to get into this new AI era.

Keynote speakers addressed topics about different fields that are getting high impact by AI such as Health, Education and Justice.

Research topics about education in Mexico, robbery detection in Guatemala, disease detections, among other topics were present during break sessions.

At the end of everyday we hold discussion tables which main topics were: Industry & Services, State, Poverty, Healthcare, Ethics, Education, Climate Change

Our homework is to keep connecting with people we met at the summit (governments, industry, academics) and keep contributing to the discussion tables.

Big thanks to organizers and volunteers

more info about the event:

🤖 enthusiastic explorer (life lessons + tech + travels). Today Public Sector — Coordinator City.AI in LatAm — University Professor and Google Dev Expert ML

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