RIIAA 2019 — AI scientists, enthusiast and practitioners gathering together in Mexico

Lesly Zerna
2 min readNov 9, 2019

Last October, people from different countries in Latin America and other latinos from around the world gathered together to discuss topics about AI and how we can contribute and help for the development of our region. The reunion was RIIAA “Reunion Internacional Inteligencia Artificial y Aplicaciones” (international reunion for artificial intelligence and applications”

It was a 4-day reunions!
First and second day focused in the Summer School with topics related to Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Recommendation Systems, and intro to Machine Learning. REPO.

From day 2 to 4, we had the main keynotes and panels. Among the keynotes speakers we had Y. Bengio (Turing Award) from Canada, other professors and researchers from Harvard and MIT, as well as different Universities in Mexico: UNAM, ITESM, ICAHN, and also people from Google AI.

Opening Keynote by Prof. Bengio

Some highlights (my fav):

  • Mexican Researchers talking about the future of work. Here
  • Panel about AI for Social Good. Here
  • AI ecosystem for Mexico and Latam. Here
  • Lightning talk Mario from Google AI. Here
    Talking about Best practices for AI product decision pair.withgoogle.com
  • Google Magenta “AI+Art” by Pablo from Google AI. Here

As well, it was my pleasure to contribute to the AI in business panel

Here is my presentation about the AI ecosystem thanks to the work I have been doing with the City.AI

When closing the event, first places from the Poster session competition were announced! they won the opportunity to get the support for attending KHIPU (AI conference in November in Uruguay)

We had time for networking and getting to know more about what is happening in matters of AI education/development/initiatives in the Latin America region.

Looking forward for more opportunities like this, to strength our AI community in Latin America!