Teaching: Data Analysis with an ethical perspective

Lesly Zerna
2 min readJun 23, 2022


Some weeks ago, teaching this course to hundreds of Colombian women

I’ve been into data, for a bit more than 4 years! 🐼 I’ve developed other technical skills and oriented my critical thinking to data analysis, data science and machine learning! I found this field very rewarding since I keep learning from different fields as well as meeting interesting people and getting into new fields with ethical perspectives.

This year, I got contacted if I was interested in “creating content” for a course oriented to data analysis with ethical perspective to train women.
I love teaching, and these past years, I’ve been teaching undergrad, grad students, also in different tech communities in different cities in Latin America about data science, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence!
Of course! I was interested! It seemed like an interesting challenge, and according to what I like most “sharing tech knowledge to women” 👸

This course oriented to beginners was structured for 16 classes, highlighting tech tools to get started in the Exploratory Data Analysis as well as ethical frameworks to check your data sources, techniques, analysis.

About the resources:
I met this Google’s booklet “People + AI” back in 2019 in a workshop. Since then, I kept learning about Responsible practices, Bias, Differential Privacy Algorithms amont there.
Ethics and Data Science, O’Reilly. Where I’ve learned more about this 5C framework to check the dataset and procedures when doing data analysis.
Python for Data Analysis, O’Reilly. Great resource to focus python for data analysis. Super practical and great starting point.

I’ve very grateful to SHE WORKS with this opportunity not only because I keep teaching/learning about data, but also developing more this “ethical perspective” and creating more “women oriented” tech communities.



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